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About Faucets

Faucets are an integral part of our house. Whether it is the kitchen, bathroom or basin,we need them almost everywhere. And with the increase in demands and features to be incorporated in faucets, you can find many different types of faucets in the market depending upon your requirements and home decor.

Being a faucet manufacturer industry, Five Star Metal industry would like to shed some light on categories of faucets for you to choose from. So, steer the cloud of confusion away and have a look at the types of faucets available in the market.

The major bifurcation is based on where the faucet is to be placed, viz.


In the kitchen faucets, you can choose from a bunch of designs based on the type of sink and any specific design in your mind.

The basic faucet designs available for the kitchen are,

  • Deck mounted kitchen faucets
  • Wall-mounted kitchen faucets
  • Swan neck
  • Sink cock
  • Sink mixer
  • Pillar cocks


The choice of bathroom faucet solely depends on the design of your bathroom and the facilities that you wish for. Again, it depends on the types of faucets that you require,viz. bathtub faucets, shower faucets, trims, spouts, lavatory faucets and so on.

In each type of the above-mentioned faucets, you can browse through tons of designs and get that desired look for your bathroom. Five Star Brass India Limited is growing fast in the faucet manufacturing industry with a large number of unique designs and facilities with each release.


Five Star Brass India Limited has established its name as one of the fastest-growing bathroom products manufacturers for the residential and commercial markets.

With a wide range of products, we have managed to cater to millions of countries across the globe including India, South Africa, Sudan, Nigeria, U.A.E, Kenya, Sri Lanka,Bhutan and so on.

With a wide range of faucet designs and functionalities, you can choose the perfect one that suits your bathroom and satisfies your needs. Whether it is for the shower or bathtub, faucets are the most important elements of your bathroom.

With FMI, you get a wide range of faucets, each with unique design and features tested in the fully-equipped in-house testing lab in the supervision of industry experts.

Ranging from pillar cock, bibcock, and angle cock to swan neck, wall-mixers and sink cocks. FMI has all types of faucets for you.

The portfolio of FMI incorporates basin mixers, metropole, washing machine bibcock,ABS shower range and so on.

Choose from 10 high-quality Faucet design collections offered by FMI: Vista, Classic, Opera, Decor, Passion, Apolo, Crystal, Nectar, Sparta, Tusel

With FMI's state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and high-quality raw materials,you are served with the best in class bathroom accessories. Browse through these themes and you might get that perfect match for your home.

+ Premium quality cartridge for long life

+ Tested under temperature and pressure conditions

+ Manufactured under international standards

+ Smooth functioning of the lever and handles guaranteed

+ Super shiny long-lasting finish on each product


Five Star Brass India Limited is very proud of its brand Veneto Bath Valley establishing itself as a leading manufacturer of bathroom accessories, faucets, ceramic and many more bathroom products of the highest quality.

With a sole mission of customer satisfaction, Veneto brand is focusing on improving infrastructure periodically to ensure complete customer satisfaction in all aspects.

Veneto has a wide range of builder and architectural bathware with elegant designs tailored to satisfy the customers' needs.

Veneto has launched 5 major collections, each with a wide range of themes and collections.

● Faucets Galaxy ● S.S. Bathroom Collection ● Brass Bathroom Accessories ● Luxury Sanitaryware ● Premium Floor Trap

Out of all these collections, Faucets Galaxy has a huge collection of faucets. You can browse faucets from over 15 collections in the Faucets Galaxy of Five Star Brass India Limited. Each one has a faucet collection that will leave you spellbound. Browse through these collections to adorn your home with faucets that can complement your interior.

You will get anything and everything in these 15 collections. Whether it is a collection of sink cocks or showers,choose a design that pleases your eyes, adds to the design of your bathroom and provides you with the utmost ease of use.

Visit Veneto Bath Valley today to view all the collections and quickly adorn your bathroom with these designer faucets!

+ High strength

+ Smooth functioning

+ Perfect finish

+ All products meet international standards

+ Consistency in quality

+ Prompt and timely delivery

+ Professional reliability