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Five Star Brass India Limited has a firm hold in the hot line clamp manufacturing with a wide-spread clientele around the world.

We at Five Star Brass India Limited, make sure that the following parameters are not compromised to ensure the highest quality of the hot line clamps:

  • Use of aluminium and bronze alloy castings for corrosion resistance.
  • Eye Bolts are made of forged stainless steel to ensure uniform expansion at the time of loading and high free strength.
  • Increase in jaw width to establish good conductor contact, decrease twisting and reduce joint temperature for better durability.

Products :

  • Hot line clamp
  • Grounding and earthing
  • Lighting protection system.


A hot line clamp comprises many different components, each of these components is made from a specific metal. We provide the following metal specifications:

  • Hot line clamp body - The body of the hot line clamp is made of bronze alloys as it gives high strength.
  • Eyebolts - For added durability, eyebolts of the hot line clamps are made of forged stainless steel.
  • Keepers and Eyelets - Aluminium bronze is used to make keepers and eyelets of the hot line clamp.
  • Clamp finish - Different types of finishes are available, but the most common finishes are natural finish and tin coating.

  • High Strength
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Conductor Compatibility
  • Withstand all weather conditions.

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Inquire for high-strength hot line clamps by Five Star Brass India Limited today to get custom solutions from experts!

+ Hotline tap connections

+ Full duty connections

+ Mainline joints

+ Bimetal connections