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Thermostatic Valve

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About Thermostatic Valve

T-valves are thermostatic mixing valves that are used in bathrooms to regulate the temperature of the water and bring it to a usable temperature.

As per the experts, the ideal temperature for bathing is 37-40 degrees. If this temperature exceeds then it can lead to scalding.

Thermostatic mixing valve or the 3-way valve are gaining its popularity due to the increase in the number of hot-water scalding cases.

If you are using geysers or solar water heaters then there are very fewer chances that you can regulate the temperature of the water and bring it to the desired temperature.

T-valve comes to the rescue with the highest quality material used for manufacturing.

T-valve steps down the temperature of the hot water by mixing it with cold water to less than 43 degrees which is considered safe for use.

T-Valve size 0.75 inch, 1 inch

Thermostatic Valve

  • Insensitive to water pressure
  • Does not require a power supply
  • Installation in any position
  • Fit and forget valve
  • Simple installation
  • Relief from hot-water scalding for life

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So, say good-bye to hot-water scalding forever and get T-valve installed in your home now!

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