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FiveStar Metal Corporation has an established name in the leading metal industries and we aspire to grow even bigger in the coming time. We believe in adopting all the latest technologies that can help us in manufacturing supreme quality products with utmost automation.




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With over 38 years of experience, the mission is quite clear from the start to provide high-quality metal products to our customers and satisfy their needs. We thrive to cater to unmatched quality and comply with the industry norms in all the possible ways.
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Brass Components

FiveStar Metal Corporation has an established name in the metal industry for best quality Brass Components and inserts.


Faucets are an integral part of our house. Whether it is the kitchen, bathroom or basin, we need them almost everywhere.

Thermostatic Valve

T-valves are thermostatic mixing valves that are used in bathrooms to regulate the temperature of the water and bring it to a usable temperature.

Water Meter

Water meters have become a necessity in today's world where we don't realize the importance of water scarcity.

Electrical Components

FiveStar Metal Corporation has a firm hold in the hot line clamp manufacturing with a wide-spread clientele around the world.
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Metal Component Manufacturer

A better way forward manufacturers

FiveStar Metal Corporation is a metal component manufacturer established in 1981 by two engineers and an investor. With state-of-the-art technology,we have design, analysis, manufacturing and testing facilities under one roof backed with industry expertise.

Metal Component Manufacturers

We clad all our actions with the integrity of the highest standards.
We develop a relationship with customers and ensure that we take ownership of all our actions.
We have pledged never to comply on quality and keep the production quality consistent.
We work together no matter what, across all circumstances to meet our deadlines and serve customers.
We are completely accountable for all our actions and delivering our commitments.