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Introducing Lead Free Brass Products

The federal Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act was signed into law within US in Jan-2011. The new law redefines the definition of lead free to more cut back the allowable levels of lead in drinking water system elements to less than 0.25%. States like California, America, and Maryland square measure already yielding with this new law. On 1st-Jan-2014, this law can move into impact across the nation.

As an industry leader, We have taken up new challenges, time and again to satisfy the wants of an ever evolving market. We were the first of the Indian manufacturer to roll out a compliant product line in 2011. Now, we are proud to offer a complete range of high quality Lead Free Brass Products with Innovative material solutions, that support the realization of drinking water installations to the most modern guidelines according to consumer protection ensuring the highest levels of health and safety.

Not only are these products a 100% compliant, They are also competitively priced. we've created important investments in our producing facilities to make sure the very best levels of quality with competitive valuation.

All products are made up of lead free alloys that totally comply with new lead free regulations and has been certified by the mill moreover, as an independent third-party. Certifications are offered upon request.

All lead-free products are designated with an “LF” prefix in front of our normal part number for ease of ordering and identification. No need to learn new part numbers to be compliant.

Each product will have a special lead free marking symbol for quick and straightforward lead free identification. If it doesn’t have the lead free symbol then you will never really know for sure if the product is lead free or not. Neither will the lawyers or inspectors.

Lead free products are available for immediate ordering and shipping. If you have any requirements of special product applications please contact us and we will assist you with designing and implementation of a product for your specific system requirements.